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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Legal Will Kit really no-cost?

Yes, the Legal Will Kit is 100% no-cost for you. We will deliver it at no-cost to you; no purchase necessary. No need to worry about hidden costs!


How will my No-Cost Legal Will Kit be delivered?

You will be contacted by a licensed insurance agent to schedule a convenient time for the delivery of the kit and explain additional insurance coverage available.


What does the No-Cost Legal Will Kit include?

Your No-Cost Legal Will Kit includes a template for last will and testament, health care surrogate designation, power of attorney info, family information guide and easy to follow instructional workbook.


What if I die without a will?

If you were about to die without a will, the laws of the government in which you reside would take effect, and they will determine how your property will be distributed upon your death. Including real estate, securities, bank accounts and any other assets you own at the time of your death.


Do I need to get a lawyer to make my will?

No, you can do it all by yourself. This way you will save the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. The expenses start from about $100, but it is not unusual to be charged up to $1,000 for a basic will drafted by a lawyer. Lawyers usually charge you a one-time flat fee.


What does it take for a will to be valid?

A will must be voluntarily written and signed by the testator. If the testator is under duress at the time of signing it will not be valid. Additionally, a will needs at least two witnesses to sign the will in the presence of each other and the testator. It does not need to be notarized for it to be legal and valid.


Is a will legally enforceable?

Yes, when filled out correctly and executed wholly and accurately, a will is a legal document that supersedes any other document, a verbal contract, written contracts, etc.


Is a handwritten will legal if it is notarized?

Holographic Wills do not need to be witnessed or notarized in most states. However, having witnesses and notarization (self-proving) speeds up the probate court because the court will not have to validate your handwriting.


What is a self-providing will?

Self-providing will is signed by two witnesses and the testator in front of a notary. This will bypass the need for the court to have to contact the witnesses; eventually, it will speed up the execution of your will.


Who can be a witness of a will?

A witness cannot be related to the will maker or be a beneficiary of the will, and the witness has to be over 18 years old. Remember, that you can also be an executor and a witness to a will as long as you do not gain any benefit from the will.


How many people do you need to witness a will and why?

You need two people to witness.

The witnesses' will verify the authenticity of the will. They will witness that you are not acting under any undue influence or duress and that you are of sound of mind at the time of writing your will. Two witnesses ought to ensure that if one has passed away/ unavailable to witness to the court that they witnessed the testator signing the document, then they have one more witness to fall back on.


What is a Health Care Surrogate?

A Health Care Surrogate is someone you appoint that you allow making health care decisions for you, such as providing consent for medical intervention in the event you become incapacitated or unable to care for yourself.


How do I prepare to make the will?

You need to decide what property to include in your will, who will inherit your property. You also need to choose an executor to handle your estate and digital estate and choose a guardian for your children in case you have any. Then you will make the will, sign in front of witnesses and store safely.

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