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60% of American's Wishes Are Not Fulfilled After They Pass Away*

We are providing a Legal Will Kit at NO-COST to you to make sure YOU are in control

FACT: If you die without a legal will in place, the Government decides where your assets go!

Your No-Cost Legal Will Kit Includes:

1. Last Will and Testament Templated

2. Health Care Proxy (Part of a Living Will)

3. Power of Attorney Info (Part of a Living Will)

4. Family Information Guide

5. Easy to Follow Instructional Workbook


Is it an actual valid legal document?

Yes! The will you will prepare using our Kit will be an actual legal document. Just fill in your name and your wishes and you're done! It will be valid in all the U.S. states and Canadian provinces: P.E.I, NB, ON, AB.

Absolutely no-cost to you:

No purchase necessary.


No shipping charges.


No credit card required.

Get Your No-Cost Legal Will Kit

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Is it legally effective?

Yes, the Legal Will Kit is 100% legal! It's available in all 50 states and these Canadian provinces: P.E.I, NB, ON, and AB.

Can I change my will?

Yes! You can create a new will to replace your old one. To make sure your new will is valid, just destroy the old will and sign the new one with two witnesses.

Is it really no-cost?

Yes, the Legal Will Kit is 100% no-cost for you. We will deliver it at no-cost to you; no purchase necessary. No need to worry about hidden costs.

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